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Assisted Living
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Assisted Living

Assisted Living is a way to provide care to people who are having difficulty living independently. An Assisted Living community is a long-term residential living option that provides seniors who want or need assistance with activities of daily living such as cooking meals, doing housework and laundry, getting dressed, or getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Assisted Living communities offer safety, security, and access to care 24 hours a day via on-site or on-call staff. Privacy and independence are encouraged and most communities develop a personalized plan that meets a senior's needs and accommodates any disabilities, while also giving them the freedom to do what they can for themselves. Assisted Living communities have an overall residential and homey feel and can range from large, corporate-managed communities where hundreds of people live in their own apartments, to small private homes.

Amenities in Assisted Living communities typically include:

  • Housekeeping services
  • Transportation
  • 24-hour access to staff
  • Exercise and wellness programs
  • Personal laundry services
  • Social and recreational activities

Personal care in Assisted Living communities typically includes:

  • Staff available to respond to both scheduled and unscheduled needs
  • Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and mobility
  • Access to health and medical services, such as physical therapy and hospice
  • Emergency call systems for each resident's apartment
  • Medication management
  • Care for residents with cognitive impairments

To move or not to move

When is the right time to transition to an Assisted Living community? When is staying at home no longer the best option? Unfortunately no easy answer exists. Here is a checklist of questions you should ask when contemplating this difficult decision:


  • Has your loved one fallen in their home or do they have a fear of falling?
  • Do they have difficulties navigating in their home?
  • Do they restrict their living space to one or two rooms?
  • Do they have difficulties getting out of a chair?
  • Do they experience shortness of breath performing normal activities?
  • Do they grab onto furniture to catch their balance?
  • Are they willing to make modifications? (Cane, grab bars, raised toilet, etc.)


  • Do they frequently miss doses?
  • Do they know what to do if they miss a dose?
  • Do they know what their medications are for?

Mood, Memory, Mental State

  • Do they verbalize loneliness?
  • Do they sleep a lot or nap frequently?
  • Do they spend days without leaving the house?
  • Do they use "evasive" talk such as using "he" or "she" versus a name
  • Do they miss appointments?

Activities of Daily Living

  • Do they have difficulties with bathing, dressing, toileting or walking?
  • Do they often wear the same outfit for several days?
  • Do they have a body odor?
Assisted Living benefits are plentiful. Click here to learn more.

What you need from an Assisted Living community depends on your own unique situation and your preferences. We help you look for the 'right place' and work with you to find the Assisted Living community that best fits your financial, geographical, and socialization needs. Contact an Oasis Senior Living Advisor in your area today!
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